Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t my job postings already get picked up by Google if they are on my webpage?

No, currently the surefire way to get your jobs on Google Jobs is to post jobs on a job board, or you use our integration to push all of your jobs directly to Google.

Isn’t it my job to screen my candidates even if it is for a technical role?

Yes, we are not here to replace your role in the interview process. Our technical screening services provide insight into the technical fit of the candidate. Ensuring the right cultural fit and everything else in the process is still your responsibility.

Shouldn’t the act of posting an ad for a job be good enough?

No, good candidates have a lot of options when unemployment is low. You need your ads to stand out if you want to snag the top on and off-market talent.

I just need to post my open position on ZipRecruiter once and then I am done right?

No, unless you want your position to get lost where nobody will see it.

Do I really need a strong social media presence when I am just trying to help people find a job?

Yes, social media is quickly becoming the most popular method for job seekers and companies to connect about open positions.