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The power of outsourcing your recruitment needs

At Reqruited, our enterprise solution team prioritizes our clients’ needs. We analyze and implement changes that improve their on-demand recruiting strategy. Our talent acquisition team handles the entire recruitment lifecycle, from sourcing and screening to scheduling, engaging, and onboarding. We use advanced marketing techniques, research-backed solutions, and employee retention strategies to find the best talent for your organization.


We are dedicated to providing quality staffing and human resource services. Services that meet the demand, rapid growth and digital transformation of your business.

Recruiter on Demand

On-demand RPO solutions offer a strategic alternative to contract recruiters and RPO staffing agencies for quick, efficient, and effective core recruitment.

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ZipRecruiter Refresh

Keep your jobs at the top of ZipRecruiter results and in front of more candidates

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Bullhorn Job Refresh

Ensure the jobs in your Bullhorn ATS always stay up to date and in front of candidates

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reQruited has completely changed how our company operates. We used to spend countless hours screening candidates for our clients, now we can focus on acquiring new clients and sourcing candidates.

The Google Jobs product is great! It was a seamless process that only took about a week to setup. Within a week after the initial setup was complete all of our jobs were picked up by Google. Now we get more candidates coming directly to our site then when we used to post on Indeed.

We took pride in screening all of our own technology candidates. Unfortunately with how quickly technology changes it is hard to keep up. After a few bad fits slipped through the cracks we decided we had to do something to protect our reputation. Now Ken handles all of our IT screenings and we haven’t had a bad placement since!

At first I thought it was unorthodox to have a staffing services company make me a new website. Zach assured me that they not only build top notch websites but that they knew how to make websites to cater to the unique needs of staffing agencies. I am happy to report that they were able to take my drab site and modernize it a great price. They even helped me set up Google Analytics so now I know who is visiting my site and how long they stay. Needless to say I now get way more interest in the positions I post.

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