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What to Look for in a Social Media Resume

By September 16, 2019 No Comments


What to Look for in a Social Media Resume


When someone is looking for a job, marketing is key. Instead of marketing for a company, they should be marketing themselves. What they have to offer, what skills they can contribute and how they can benefit your company. In recent years, the best way for someone to market themselves is through social media.

In the age of social media, everyone is sharing pieces of their lives with an audience. This audience could be friends, family, a friend of a friend of a friend, or even potential employers. Your company wants to know who it is you’re hiring and a candidate’s social media channels should be the first thing to look at. 



LinkedIn is the origin point of bringing social media and resumes together. This site should be the first stop for recruiters because it’s the catch-all for everything related to someone’s profession and experience. LinkedIn has many tools that can be optimized to show off any professional elements a candidate wants recruiters to see. 



Twitter is an optimal place to network with people in a particular industry. If a candidate is sharing links to articles related to their field of work, or ideas about their industry, they want to start conversations with other industry professionals. 



Instagram can be tricky. Everyone wants to make sure they’re picking the most Insta-worthy photo to get the most amount of likes, but this doesn’t always translate well into a professional setting. If a candidate works in an industry where professional and personal lives don’t mix, having a separate Instagram account is something to look for.

If a candidate keeps their personal Instagram account private, having two separate Instagram accounts isn’t problematic. This shows they’re thinking of who sees what and wants their professional image to stay consistent. It’s key that they keep their professional account public, to allow themselves to post from professional events, volunteering and behind-the-scenes work. Matching a professional Instagram account with the same profile as their LinkedIn also shows that they’ve put thought into keeping their personal brand consistent. 



Like LinkedIn, Facebook offers a space to list previous work experience and education. All the benefits of sharing professional experience, ideas and links to posts are applicable to all of the social sites listed above. Facebook is another platform to share whatever they feel is necessary to share, and has a different audience. Facebook is a great platform to share ideas and articles, which could find the perfect candidate through a distant friend or acquaintance who shared their post. 



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