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What to Look for in a Candidate’s LinkedIn Profile

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What to Look for in a Candidate’s LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn should be a recruiter’s first step in the hiring process. This site is a great place for a candidate to show off their elevator pitch, resume, portfolio and more, on just one site. The first step to any successful LinkedIn profile is to have all the pertinent information available and up-to-date. A profile should give any recruiters the information they need to decide to hire a potential employee.


An Online Resume

A profile should reflect someone as a person, but still be professional. Having the same profile picture or theme across multiple social platforms shows that they have put thought into their personal brand.


This should include the typical resume information like education, past and present work experience and any skills or endorsements. Having endorsements or letters of recommendation directly on a profile shows that a candidate’s skills have been proven in a work environment. More importantly, this shows that potential employees can benefit your company.



Having a “projects” section on a profile shows any previous work that a candidate is proud of. Adding this section turns an online profile from an electronic resume to an all-access portfolio of their best work. This makes LinkedIn a one-stop-shop for any recruiters. 



If a candidate uses LinkedIn as a networking tool, it shows that they’re resourceful when looking for a job. LinkedIn features groups that range from industry-wide communities to smaller niche organizations. If a candidate is a member of a group in their industry, this gives other users in the group the opportunity to view a profile. Being part of these groups allows recruiters to network with someone who could be the perfect fit for a company. 


Too Much Information

It’s always tempting to upload every job experience or every piece of work ever completed. If a candidate is strategic about what they show to a potential employer, that means they know what they can contribute to the industry. 


Candidates that follow these guidelines will help you narrow the search to employees that have the exact skill set your company needs. 



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