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Ways To Source Candidates Using Technology

By April 26, 2019 No Comments

Technology has transformed the recruitment industry and changed the way people find suitable jobs. Modern candidates rely heavily on the internet to find the best opportunities. There are several job search sites and social media platforms that can help in the process. At reQruited, we believe that technology is an important tool that can help you find the best candidates quickly. Many businesses still rely on traditional methods and don’t use this platform to its full potential. Here are some effective ways in which you can source candidates for your company through technology:

sourcing candidates using technology

  1. Getting on Google Jobs

Google is the first source of information for most modern job seekers. They type the job title and industry into the search bar and look for opportunities in the search results. Now Google has integrated Google Jobs directly into their search engine.

With Google Jobs, candidates can view jobs aggregated from jobs boards all in 1 convenient place without the hassle of making an account like on most job boards. With a more user-friendly approach and a direct link into Google search, this helps attract prospective job seekers. Additionally, using services like reQruited’s own Google Jobs integration you can get all your jobs onto google jobs without having to use a job board.

  1. Use Social Sourcing Tools

Social media has been a boon for job seekers. Many use platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to find the right fit. LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms for recruiters and job seekers alike. You can get a LinkedIn recruiter license, which will give you access to a seemingly endless supply of both passive and active candidates by searching profiles and send messages directly to prospective candidates.

You can prescreen them because most LinkedIn members include their qualifications and job history on their profile.

Staffing firms are finding more and more success by posting job ads on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Reddit, Facebook, etc. These tools have significantly more exposure than traditional job boards and can be great for both niche and mass market candidate targeting. Social media also helps you establish a good brand and develop a trustworthy reputation. This allows new recruiting companies create a good foundation in the industry.

If you want to know more about sourcing for staffing and recruitment companies, get in touch with us at reQruited today. You can use our contact us form or call 813 358 8534.



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