Twitter Integration

Twitter Integration

Twitter is steadily rising as one of the best ways to recruit on social media. Wouldn’t you like the ability to have the positions you post automatically shared with your followers? Until now, the only way to get your open positions in front of them is to directly Tweet every position yourself. Fortunately, that has changed because we can help you take the jobs directly from your systems and automatically Tweet them for all of your followers to see.


We are able to automatically Tweet positions from any website on Twitter. Our standard setup process includes a custom implementation for your website. We create a process that directly interfaces with your live website. There is no need to give us access to manage your website or your ATS system.

Once created our integration actively tracks the postings you make on your website. Tweets that will announce the job title and direct link to your application are then automatically shared with all of your followers on Twitter.

There is no more need to spend your time on an extra repetitive task. You can literally sit back and watch the applications hit your applicant tracking system.