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reQruited: Who We Are and What We Do

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Intro to reQruited: Who We Are and What We Do


reQruited offers technological support when it comes to finding the perfect candidate for your business. We can handle the tedious, yet necessary tasks essential in finding the perfect person for a position, while business owners can focus their time more effectively for their company.



Website Design – reQruited will build a website for your business to grab – and hold – the attention of the applicant. The new website will directly integrate with the current processes and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). When a website is easy to find and navigate, an ideal employee will be easier to find.


Applicant Tracking Service (ATS) Refresh – This tool makes it easier than ever to manage an ATS because you won’t have to manage it at all! reQruited will ensure that a company’s ATS will automatically be updated every seven days, to weed out any old or stale applicants.


Social Media Integration – Instead of needing to manually post to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn every time a new position is available, reQruited will automate the process. Once a new position is made available on your website, a correlated post will be shared to your Social Media channels.


Google Jobs Integration – With this tool, your company’s job postings will be optimized to show up on Google, without having to spend any money to advertise the post. The job posting will show up on Google, which will drive more people to the website, and more applicants for the position.


Job Ad Writing – Ads that are written by a professional, will make the position stand out, as well as attract candidates that are the fittest for the job.


To browse more services offered by reQruited, visit https://www.reqruited.com



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