Managed Social Media

Managed social media

Millenials make up almost 50% of the current workforce. No matter how you feel about social media it is a big part of how they communicate. If your company is putting little to no effort into a social media recruiting strategy then it is probably losing out on really talented candidates. We help you create a social media strategy and generate content that will make your online brand one that inspires candidates to apply for your positions.


Appealing to candidates on social media is a must. Almost 50% of candidates said they used social media in the search for their current job and 60% used it to research companies they are interested in. We help you build a social media presence filled with rich content that will capture the attention of candidates. Our approach is to set your company apart as a thought leader and subject matter expert in your field. The campaigns we build target popular platforms like Facebook, and LinkedIn to more niche platforms like Quora and Twitter. The strategy we build for you optionally includes full-service article writing, blogs and any other content creation that you desire.