Linkedin Integration

Linkedin Integration

LinkedIn accounts for 100 million job applications being submitted monthly. With numbers like that you definitely want your positions showing up on LinkedIn Jobs. Until now, the only way to get your positions on LinkedIn Jobs has been to endure the labor intensive process of manually posting them yourself. Our integration process takes all of the positions from your website and automatically posts them on LinkedIn Jobs.


We are able to automate the posting of positions from any website to LinkedIn Jobs. Our standard setup process includes a custom implementation for your website. We create a process that directly interfaces with your live website. There is no need to give us access to manage your website or your ATS system.

Once created our integration actively tracks the postings you make on your website. They are then uploaded directly to LinkedIn Jobs.

There is no need for the extra steps that can eat up your time. You can take advantage of your extra time and just let the applications keep flowing in.