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How to Find a Candidate That Fits A Company’s Culture

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How to Find a Candidate That Fits A Company’s Culture


Having a desirable company culture is important for every business. When an employee works for a company that has similar ideas and values as them, they tend to have a better relationship with their place of work. 

A good relationship between a company and its employees is essential for the growth of the company. When an employee and a company are well-suited, they’re more inclined to enjoy their work, be more productive, and want to stay at their company. Employees who enjoy their work-life reduces employee turnover, which saves time and money.

When it’s finally time to fill a position, there are a few things to keep in mind when searching for a candidate.


Have a Defined Company Culture

Company culture is the personality of a place of work. If a company doesn’t have a defined, ideal culture for their business, they’ll have trouble hiring people who work well together. 

Until a business has a clear definition of what they want their company’s culture to be like, each employee will think that any particular idea of culture matches up with theirs. If one employee thinks that a particular culture is relaxed and casual, while another thinks it’s more strict and professional, conflicts will arise.

To avoid workplace conflicts, all a business needs to do is give employees exact clarification of what their culture is like. Each employee must know what behaviors will and will not be tolerated.


Look Internally

Finding the right candidate can take up time and money. We suggest that businesses should consider an internal recruiter. Internal recruiters will be able to look at employees who are already exceeding workplace expectations. Enforcing internal hiring and promotion will secure an employee who is already familiar with, and fits in with your company culture. 


Look for Adaptability

When looking for a candidate, whether internally or externally, they should be adaptable. If a candidate can acclimate to an environment, they could be a good fit for any company culture.

To find out whether or not they’d fit in with your company culture, ask the candidate questions like “what’s another use for a pen or a notebook?”. If they look uncomfortable, and dance around the question, they might not be adaptable for a company’s culture. If the candidate seems excited to be challenged and creates an out-of-the-box answer, they just proved that even when placed in a difficult situation, they’re able to adapt.

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