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How Staffing Agencies Can Use Social Media To Attract Candidates

Social media is a versatile and wonderful tool, especially for recruiters and job seekers. It allows users to connect with the right people and find the best offers. At reQruited, we encourage recruitment agencies to consider social media as a primary sourcing platform.

Most modern job seekers rely on these platforms and don’t explore other traditional mediums like job boards any longer. If you want to find great candidates, you need to learn how to use social media to help. Here are some reasons why this is essential:

Why Use Social Media To Recruit?

social media staffing agenciesAccording to research, around 48% of job candidates use social media to find their most recent job. Around 59% use the platforms to research companies they’re interested in. Both Facebook and LinkedIn have a large number of active job seekers looking for interesting opportunities.

This shows that recruiting companies can benefit from marketing their services and sourcing candidates from these platforms. Social media doesn’t just help you get in touch with great talent, but can also provide more information on the candidates. For example, you can browse through a candidate’s LinkedIn profile to know more about their job history and related interests.

Niche Vs. Mainstream Jobs

There are many social media networks available today and you can find great candidates on almost all of them. However, candidates from different industries gravitate towards different platforms. LinkedIn is a popular site for executive level talent in different industries. Instagram is full of artists, models, and influencers. Reddit is the best place to find people in the tech industry. Developers, coding experts, and tech experts engage each other on Reddit by answering questions and getting into discussions.

Recruiters can visit platforms that are popular in their industry and source candidates on them. This is a great way to establish direct connections with the candidates and convince them you have their best interests at heart.

Attracting Candidates Passively

A direct approach of reaching out to job seekers is effective, but it is also a good idea to engage in some passive recruitment strategies. You can use social media platforms to build trust and establish your reputation. Here are some proven ways to attract candidates passively:

  • Post Content – You can post content related to the industry you’re recruiting in and showcase your expertise in it. For example, if you want to recruit in the IT industry, post-IT-related content and focus on things like company recruitment strategies, interview tips, first job tips, etc. This will help you earn candidate trust and draw them towards your company.
  • Insider Knowledge – Use content to show how much you know and how familiar you are with the trends of their industry. Candidates will trust recruitment companies that have insider information about employers.

It is important to post content that shows you care about candidate welfare and are honestly interested in finding them the best jobs. If you want to know more about sourcing for staffing and recruitment companies, get in touch with us at reQruited today. You can use our contact us form or call 813 358 8534.


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