ATS Refresh

ATS Refresh

Letting the open positions in your ATS system become out of date could be causing you to miss out on that best candidate you have been looking for. Potential job seekers will be turned off from applying for positions that appear to be old. Keeping these postings up to date falls through the cracks because it is a tedious and time consuming task. With our ATS refresh your listings will be automatically updated whenever they are over 7 days old.


We are able to improve both the quantity and quality of the candidates applying for your positions by ensuring they always appear up to date. Our proprietary process works with all of the mainstream applicant tracking systems. The standard setup includes a direct integration with your applicant tracking system.

Once the integration is setup you are off and running. There is no need for you to manage anything on your end. The process will change the date of the posting that is visible to the candidate but not in your applicant tracking system itself system itself.

This is the best of both worlds as tracking statistics about the position is still easy!