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4 Ways Recruiters Excel With AI

By January 31, 2019 No Comments

The hiring process is flawed. If you’ve wound up here we’re willing to bet that you (or some part of you) already know this, but can’t quite pinpoint the issue. Yet for something so simple, where does it go so wrong? Unfortunately, a lot of places.

The origin of this problem is how simple the process seems. Companies have jobs, people want jobs. But standing between the two are HR departments, a disconnect in how skills are presented with what’s required, faulty applicant tracking systems, emails, talent deserts, it goes on. Adding in inevitable human error is just the wave goodbye as it falls off a cliff.

While technology has provided more band-aids than honest solutions, we may have finally found our answer with AI. Although still new to the staffing industry, here’s how recruiters are already fixing the hiring process with AI.

Improved Job Postings

Knowing what to say to accurately describe the job and attract the right people is something even veteran recruiters struggle with. While writing remains a required manual task, AI can assess job listings and compare them to successful ones in seconds, offering suggestions for improvements.


Already a staple of retail and the internet at large, chatbots are there when you miss an email or simply don’t have time. Candidates can quickly request more information regarding the job, chat about the company itself, or be screened with qualifying questions to determine whether they’re right to continue along the hiring process.

Video Interviews

More interesting for candidates, more significant time savings for recruiters, video calls provide a far better and more personal setting for a first-time chat. Artificial intelligence can make these conversations even more meaningful as they evaluate candidates tone and expressions for anything from lying to general personality.

Better Communication

Nearly every hiring process, sooner or later, is delayed by a lack of communication. Tasks pile up, emails are missed and before you know it that follow-up email is a week late. By handing the reigns over to AI, candidates can now receive automatic updates on their applications as you receive it, view it and take next steps.


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