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3 Habits of a Successful Recruiter

By January 31, 2019 No Comments

Don’t let your industry or title fool you. Just because the most recent tech genius isn’t telling you their morning routine doesn’t mean your profession is without its share of practices to add to your daily routine and increase success. That goes double for members of the staffing world.

Every day companies around the world trust recruiters with one of the most significant investments they can make: hiring a new employee. With so much at stake, you can’t afford to not only be operating at your A game but improving it as well.

Here are some habits you can add to the daily routine to become a more successful recruiter.

Remember the big picture

It’s easy to lose sight of your own goals, let alone those of your clients, once a hundred candidates and other responsibilities come knocking. This can create an autopiloting system where recruiters match resumes to jobs without assessing whether they’re the best fit. Although it may still work out, the chance of a bad match is much higher.

Having a clear image of each client’s strategy and needs will give you better metrics to consider a candidate’s skills and experience against. This allows you to stay on target even when the workload starts to pile up.

Dig below the surface

When a company manages its own staffing needs, interviews provide decision-makers a chance to figure out whether an applicant’s personality meshes with the company’s culture. Now it’s up to you whether or not a candidate is the right match.

Talk with your client to identify values that are critical to the success of their team. Additionally, finding common traits among previous successful candidates you’ve placed will give you a frame of reference for not only the next applicant’s skills, but their personality fit as well.

Keep in touch

A decent candidate today may be an amazing one tomorrow. Recruiters often become so preoccupied finding new talent that they forget some of the best are already in their contact list.

Scheduling time to check in with previously placed applicants will not only save you time, giving old candidates with new experience current job listings, but build a reliable network of contacts who can help share your positions and provide referrals.


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