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3 Common Recruiting Mistakes — And How AI Can Solve Them

By January 31, 2019 No Comments

How, in this day and age, are business owners still complaining of talent shortages or plumbing the depths for a single decent candidate? Despite more people joining the workforce and searching for jobs than ever before, the blame certainly gets passed around. Millennials, politics, colleges, the list is nearly endless. But as is often the case we’ve been ignoring the elephant in the room.

The problem doesn’t come from job seekers, business leaders or gremlins wreaking havoc when we aren’t looking, it’s how we recruit.

Both sides spend countless days on applications, resumes and more to roll the dice and hope everything works out. It comes from decades of bad practices that have left our recruiting processes fundamentally broken — until now.

With advances in AI giving it a home in hundreds of industries, staffing is next on the list of companies in need of a helping hand. By handing the wheel over to computers, we not only save time and resources but cure what’s made the recruiting process so difficult.

Don’t believe us? These are three common recruiting mistakes AI can make a thing of the past.


For one reason or another, too many applicant-business conversations meet an abrupt end. Things get in the way, work piles up, candidates slip through the cracks, people forget or, unfortunately, going quiet is more comfortable than sending a rejection.

A recruiting platform centered around AI tracks candidates and what stage of the conversation you were last at. Having a channel dedicated exclusively to communicating with applicants ensures they aren’t lost in the clutter of other work emails and, should your schedule fill up, provide reminders to respond. Should worse come to worst, a pre-planned rejection letter can be automatically sent as well.

Resume Glimpsing

Posting a job online means reading so many resumes you risk going blind. Recruiters often resort to scanning or keyword searching to make the pile move quicker, missing tons of relevant information in the process.

AI is the perfect mix of old school and new school, being able to scan and interpret the resume as a whole rather than parse it for select keywords that can be tripped up by any number of formatting issues. It fulfills the need for human eyes to read and process a candidate’s skills and experience in seconds, as opposed to over 30 minutes. Additionally, AI is capable of going beyond the paperwork, getting to the root of applicants through personality tests, workplace preferences and more.

Fear of a Bad Choice

With the amount of money and time companies spend collecting candidates, not to mention the cost of onboarding and employing a new team member, it’s easy for hiring managers to enter decision paralysis.

By automatically referencing each candidate’s skills, personality, even preferring work environment, an AI-powered platform can provide you an actual number to represent your company’s compatibility with the applicant. No more fears of hiring the highly skilled candidate turned nightmare team member.


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